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We help teen activists build the skills, networks, and resources to lead movements in their community

We do this in two ways:

1. Empower young activists through online training and community building

We teach teens movement-building skills to make policy impact at all levels of government. Teens interested in our services can register an activism campaign they founded, work with us to create a campaign or join an existing teen-led campaign. By joining our community, you'll get access to:

  • Online training to learn activism skills, such as recruiting for your campaign, public speaking, and lobbying

  • Support in building an activist community of teens around the country and adults who have your back no matter what

  • Publicity, opportunities to apply for funding, and other resources

Learn more about the services we offer to teen activists.

2. Provide keynotes, trainings & consulting services to youth-led and youth-serving organizations

We collaborate with organizations that are youth-led, adult-led, or multi-generational to deliver customized and interactive workshops, train-the-trainer models, inspiring speakers, and other services to increase the impact of youth-led advocacy campaigns and youth-adult partnerships.

Learn more about our consulting services.


Mission Statement

Our Vision

We increase engagement in our democracy by equipping young people with the skills to work with community members, government officials, and policymakers on the causes they’re most passionate about.

We envision a world in which youth activism is the norm, not the exception.

Our Values

  • Young people around the world are an untapped force for making the world a better place. If you’re a young person, you should never doubt the influence of your own voice, influence, and power.

  • History has always shown that young people have been the real leaders of social movements. Young people are not just the leaders of today — young people are the leaders of today AND tomorrow. 

  • Activism should challenge those in power and not settle for the status quo.

  • Activism must always promote the rights and dignity of ALL people.

  • Activists must remain curious, informed, and always willing to improve and change their assumptions through dialogue and diversity. Always question whose voices are being systemically silenced and how we can change our culture to be more welcoming.

We believe that:

In Stories and Numbers

Our core belief is that there is no minimum age for leadership.

Today, the world has the largest youth generation ever seen in history.

Young people face the brunt of the world’s problems today—and will continue to wrestle with them in the future when our current world leaders are long gone. So, why are these essential contributors still excluded from real-world decision-making?

We know that even though many young people are not old enough to vote, they still wield real influence with elected officials and other decision-makers. Our non-profit organization promotes youth-organized campaigns in the US and abroad that diagnose problems and propose solutions to their local decision-makers and officials (like school board members), community elders, and elected officials. 

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