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Corporate Sponsorships

Storytelling For Change DMV

Youth Activism Project invites you to support our event Storytelling for Change DMV, scheduled for June 15, 2024, from 10 am to 6 pm EST (tentatively at the Silver Spring Civic Building).

Storytelling for Change DMV is an unparalleled opportunity to foster connections among hundreds of youth and adult change-makers across the vibrant landscape of the DC region through the transformative power of storytelling.

The event will use Public Narrative, a leadership practice created by famed community organizer Marshall Ganz at Harvard, to teach participants how to use the art of storytelling to craft the perfect call to action. The full-day event will foster community cohesion, deepened relationships between various stakeholders throughout the region, an increased awareness about the issues most impacting our region, and pathways to tangible action.


We hope you will embrace this opportunity to collaborate on such a significant event to support the community and increase your brand awareness. Our detailed sponsorship packages, outlined in our sponsorship deck, present various ways for you to engage with youth, partners, and practitioners across multiple days during this national conversation. Connect with us to be part of this impactful gathering.

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